About Us

About us

Welcome to Rieltutors

At Rieltutors Limited, we are a full service international examination registration and admission support company characterized by our uncompromising quality online prep courses and class-based lectures for test takers in Nigeria. With dedication, functionality and style at the heart and soul of Rieltutors Limited, we deliver perfection consistently. From our signatures, we offer test takers in Nigeria lots of freebies such as free study materials; and free online TOEFL, GRE and GMAT lectures when they register with us. Rieltutors Limited has managed to build a stellar reputation for excellence, reliability and integrity.


Why Choose us

we are one of the best service oriented organisation in Nigeria. having our team of dedicated workers handle your registartion and tutorials is one of the key factors that endear clients to our services. we are dedicated to serve and render topnotch services to our numerous clients.


Our Mission

We work hard every day to make Africa the world's most respected continent and to be a part of a service brand.


Our visions

Realizing the full potential of education, a universal access to knowledge , full participation in culture, to drive a new era of development, growth, and productivity.


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